Missing my puppies

I was diagnosed with a virus that has me out of commission when it comes to all non-essential activities. One of my favorite hobbies that I have had to give up temporarily is my volunteer work with the dogs at a local animal shelter. I had been volunteering weekly, so I really miss spending time with the puppies :(. I am looking forward to the day when I feel well enough to return! I can’t wait to bring them treats, take them out for exercise, and give them lots of love!


The Best Thing I’ve Won

On Facebook, I have liked and follow many dog pages, one of which is Taitan’s Tox Box. This page is in memory of Taitan, a family pet who loved toys. His family, including fur brother Chief, distributes toys to local shelter dogs, bringing them joy. The call for Chief’s Challenge came out in early November: write a letter explaining why one is grateful for one’s local shelter.  I wrote a letter about Louisville Metro Animal Services, our troubled public shelter, where I volunteer:  and I WON!!!  I was named one of ten national Chief’s Champions!  They sent me dog and cat toys to distribute to the animals at LMAS, and I purchased several more, and several new collars to add to my cache.  It was such a wonderful feeling to give back…seeing how happy the dogs were to receive them made this moment one of my proudest life achievements!  Thank you for choosing me as a Chief’s Champion, Taitan’s Toy Box!  Expect a shipment of toys / collars from me before next year’s Challenge!